Monday, July 02, 2012

An Exclusive Resort

There was never any concrete evidence for it, but my mother used to relate that her father - Henry D. Block - aroused curiosity with his prominent nose, swarthy complexion, and sharp business acumen; there had, she said, even been a running joke among his friends: "Hey, Block, are you a Jew?"

Had he answered in the affirmative, he would have found himself unwelcome at the hunting lodge in Maine where he met my grandmother. The spirit of the New York State Civil Rights Act of 1913 had not reached the state of Maine in the 1922 season, and a brochure from The Firs in Rockwood advises:
Buy your ticket to Kineo Station. Check your baggage to THE FIRS, Kineo Station. Remember - don't take the steamboat to Mt. Kineo if coming to THE FIRS. Auto from Camp will meet you at Kineo Station; name on cars, "THE FIRS". References in booklet; and references required. Bring light and heavy clothing. No dress suits or evening gowns needed, but wear what you want to. Secure your accommodations early. Hebrew patronage is not solicited.



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