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Stephanie McLintock: A Life


June 2, 1964: Stephanie Lee McLintock is born at Manchester Hospital in Connecticut.

1970 - 1982: Attends public school in South Windsor, Connecticut.

1977 - 1981: Numerous awards for writing.
1977: "The Blind Owl" and other poems - Scholastic first prize in Connecticut.
1978: "A Testing of Wings" entered in Scholastic contest.
1978: "The Outsider" and other poems - national honorable mention, state Gold Key award in Scholastic contest. Subject of "The Outsider" is her brother.
1980: "George and Rum" entered in Scholastic fiction contest.
1980: "Train-Time" and other poems - Scholastic Gold Key award.
1980: "The Magic Flute Player" (fiction) - Scholastic honorable mention.
1981: "Raising Demons" (fiction) - Scholastic Gold Key; also entered in Interlochen contest.
1981: "To Hold the World" (short-short fiction) - Scholastic honorable mention in state.
1981: "The Sacrifice" (short-short) - Scholastic Gold Key.
1981: "A Cheer for Mankind" (essay) - entered in Scholastic contest. Subject of "A Cheer for Mankind" is the Voyager space probe. Essay was originally written for astronomy class.
1981: "Arrival" and other poems entered in Scholastic contest.

October 1981: Attends the last Danbury Fair, Danbury, Connecticut.

December 1981: Graduates high shcool early.

January - February 1982: Road trip to California with Larry D.

June 1982: Graduation ceremony, South Windsor High School. The Vaseline incident.

January - July 1982: Lives on Flower Street, Manchester, Connecticut.

July 1982: Attends 1982 World's Fair, Knoxville, Tennessee (May 1982 - October 1982).

July 23 - August 1, 1982: Attends Jack Kerouac conference in Boulder, Colorado.

1983: Moves back to Connecticut. Attends concerts in Connecticut, New Jersey, and Virginia.

1983: "The Voice of Conscience" (fiction).

July 15, 1983: Attends David Bowie concert at Hartford Civic Center, Connecticut.

August 1983: Moves to Boulder, Colorado. Works as an assistant to pastry chefs.

August 26, 1983: Attends Talking Heads concert at Red Rocks, Denver, Colorado.

Fall 1983: Moves in with Georgianne F. in Scotts Valley, California. Georgianne moves out to attend school at SFSU in 1983, and new roommates Tauria and Donna M. move in. Writes Iridescence. Experiences a renewal of spirit and creativity.

Summer 1984: Travels to Connecticut with Donna M. to visit her parents.

August 15 - September 3, 1984: Travels with Donna from Connecticut to San Francisco, California by train.

September 1984 - December 1984: Lives at The Anarchist House, 719 Ashbury Street, across from the Grateful Dead House (710 Ashbury). Shares household with Georgianne, Brian B., Jim C., Mark L., Felicia T., Anne Rosencrantz, and others.

January 1985: Moves with Georgianne to apartment at Fell Street on the Park Panhandle at the corner of Ashbury. This will be her home for the rest of her life.

January 1987: Enrolls at San Francisco State University.

1987: Attends numerous concerts in the Bay Area.

May 24, 1987: Participates in 50th anniversary celebration of the Golden Gate Bridge.

Summer 1988: Georgianne moves out and Ken S. moves in.

Fall 1988: Her brother stays with Stephanie and her roommate for a couple of months.

June 15, 1989: State of Connecticut issues a wallet-size copy of birth certificate.

June 22 - 23, 1992: "Poetry in Motion" (dir. Ron Mann, 1983) screens in San Francisco. It is unclear whether Stephanie attended the event. This is the last clipping in her scrapbook.

June 27, 1992: Dies in San Francisco.

Stephanie continued to produce high-quality work until near the end of her life, when her drug and alcohol problems took an increasingly heavy toll. Despite a heroic recovery from narcotic addiction, she succumbed to the effects of heavy alcohol abuse. She was found by her roommate in her Haight-Ashbury apartment.

Stephanie's poetry can be read at the the website Wilderness Vision. Her fiction and other writing is collected at Iridescence.

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