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Emily M. Cavannaugh

EMILY M. CAVANNAUGH (c.1842-1918)
d. 1918 November 26; Savannah, Georgia
The obituary notes that she was the stepsister of James and John McGowan and the sister of John and Jeremiah Francis (Jr.) Cavannaugh. This John Cavanaugh must have been Edith’s father, because among Emily’s nieces are listed “Mrs. Frederick [Edith] McLintock of Mamaroneck” and “Mrs. Frederick [Blanche] Saussy”.

MISS EMILY M. CAVANNAUGH died yesterday morning after a long illness. Her funeral will take place this morning from her home, 215 Congress Street East, Savannah, followed by a requiem mass at 10 o'clock at the Cathedral of St. John the Baptist, of which church she was a communicant.

Miss Cavannaugh was in her 76th year. She was the (step)sister of the late James J. and John C. McGowan and sister of the late John H. and Jeremiah Francis Cavannaugh. She is survived by her sisters, Mrs. J.H. Cavannaugh and Mrs. Margaret Ellen Cavannaugh; her nieces, Miss F.R. Rosis, Sister M. John Evangelist, Mrs. Frederick McLintock of Mamaroneck, NY; Mrs. Frederick T. Saussy, Mrs. Harry E. Barker of Cherokee, IA, Mrs. J.R. Rossignol, Mrs. F. J. Skeffington and her nephews, Lieut. Jeremiah Francis Cavannaugh, Thomas Bertram Cavannaugh, Edwin Cornell Cavannaugh and James B. Copps.

According to Shannon S., a Cavannaugh descendent who lives in central Florida:

Emily M. Cavannaugh ... was the daughter of Jeremiah Francis Cavannaugh, Sr. and his first wife, Mary Elizabeth Fall. Mary Elizabeth Fall died during Emily's birth in January of 1843 and is buried in Colonial Cemetery in Savannah. Maybe that is why Emily never married.

Jeremiah Francis Cavannaugh, Sr. (1810 - 1868) was a tailor in Savannah. He came over from Ireland to Savannah on the Brig Blackboy in 1836. His first wife died in childbirth. His second wife, Bridget Egan (1815 - 1851) bore him two children (John Henry 1846-1898 and Jeremiah Francis, Jr. 1848-1896 ) and died with her third child (William Henry) in 1851. His third wife - Ellenor "Ann" Nowlet McGowan brought two sons to the marriage - James J. McGowan (1837-1901) and John C. McGowan (1838 - 1890) when she married Jeremiah in 1853.

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Blogger Mary Chapman said...

Dear Asher Abrams, I am researching my husband's grandfather. His name was Thomas Bertram Cavanaugh. He is mentioned as a nephew of Emily M. Cavannaugh. He lived in Savannah, GA, as did Miss Cavannaugh, and even though there is only one "N" in Thomas' name and two "N's" in Emily's, I can't help but think that this is my husband's grandfather. I can find nothing on except for what I have put there in his tree. Any information, other that what is in Emily's obit and the info posted by Shannon in Florida, you or she might have would be greatly appreciated. Thank you, Mary Chapman Webster

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