Saturday, August 26, 2006

Stella's First Marriage

Before she met my father, my mother was married for almost eight years to one James J. Cousins, Jr. Their Thanksgiving, 1948 marriage in Bath, Maine is the subject of a clipping in the family scrapbook; and my mother's name appears as "Stella Cousins" in a number of books from her collection. (As far as I know, she kept her name as Stella Cousins, rather than going back to her maiden name Stella Block, until her marriage in 1958 to Ken McLintock.) James Cousins appears to have been from Norway, Maine. A notation in my mother's hand records that they resided in Norway, Maine; Brockton and Havehill, Massachusetts; Hartford, Connecticut; Boston; and Hartford again, between 1948 and 1951. Another clipping states that their divorce (on the grounds of "desertion") was granted on the week ending September 29, 1956, in Hartford. I don't know what became of James J. Cousins after that.

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