Tuesday, August 16, 2005

The McLintock Line

Ken McLintock was the younger of two brothers. The elder brother, Thomas Fredrick McLintock, was born September 28, 1912. But the two brothers were preceded - and predeceased - by a sister who died in infancy. Three sepia photographs in the family scrapbook show a laughing baby girl in a bonnet. She is Baby Jean (1909-1910).

My father left a written remembrance of his mother. Edith Cavannaugh (1880-1953) was a singer from Savannah, Georgia, who moved to New York to continue her musical education. Edith was the daughter of Augusta Young and John Henry Cavannaugh.

Frederick Seybel McLintock, the father of Kenneth and Thomas, was the son of Archibald (Jr.) McLintock and Sophia Louise Seybel. Arch's father, Archibald Sr., immigrated from Scotland around 1850, after marrying Hannah Boag in Dumbartonshire, Scotland, January 1, 1847. This first generation of American McLintocks settled in New York. A relative in the New York area writes:
Archibald Sr. and Hannah had three sons: Archibald Jr., Robert, and David. Archibald Sr. was quite successful, owning a major partnership in a general merchandise store (and likely other businesses as well) in Manhattan, and son David owning one in Brooklyn, NY.

Robert D. McLintock's wife's name was Elizabeth; David Boag (b. January 22, 1850; d. September 24, 1901) was married twice, first to Mary Montgomery and then to Helen Amy Bligh.

Sophia Louise Seybel was born February 9, 1853 and lived at 107 Eighth Avenue, New York. She was a public school teacher until she married Archibald McLintock on February 1, 1877. She and her two brothers (Fredrick William and Daniel Edward) were raised in a three-story brick house. Their parents died in 1875 from pneumonia.

The parents of Sophia, Daniel, and Frederick Seybel were Frederick Seybel (Sr.) and Sophia Voeltgel. The senior Frederick Seybel and Sophia Voeltgel were married on May 9, 1852. Frederick Sr. was the fifth child of Jacob Seybel, Jr., born April 1, 1808. He immigrated in 1863.

Jacob Seybel Sr. was born April 11, 1779 at Bischweiler, Alsace-Lorraine. He married Anna Marie Joerger in 1806. Their children were Jacob Jr., William, Daniel, Anna Marie, Elizabeth, Magdalina, and Louise.



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